Why the “Brainstormers”? 

This is my fourth blog post and instead of reflecting on the week we had, since it was a super short week, I’d like to take the time to talk about why I call my kiddos the “Brainstormers.” During my second clinical experience, I was fortunate enough to observe one of the best educators I have ever encountered. Miss B always had a class of Brainstormers and would always refer to her class in that manner. In doing so she created a classroom “family” amongst her students, where they had more to believe in than just being another 5th grade student.

Noticing this and their eagerness to grow, I decided that as a future educator I would create my own class of Brainstormers, wherever I went.

This year, I introduced what it meant to be a 5th grade Brainstormer to our class and also had them sign the “Brainstormer Daily 5 Promise” which contained 5 sayings that the Brainstormers should remember to do everyday. Whenever referring to my students in class I never say “boys and girls,” “friends,” or “students.” Instead, I refer to them as Brainstormers. Whenever we go somewhere, whether to gym or the playground, I remind them to show others how a Brainstormer acts and behaves inside and outside of school. Giving them a sense of ownership for their learning and for our classroom, I feel, makes them feel more important and motivated to achieve.

Slowly, as our classroom community builds, the kiddos start to recognize their true importance of being a Brainstormer, and how important each student is to the success of our entire class.

I am hopeful that they will hold on to the memory of being a Brainstormer. I hope that each of my students is able to say at the end of this year the following: “I am somebody. I was somebody when I came, I’ll be a better somebody when I leave. I deserve this education I am receiving.”




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