Blog Reflection 2

The process of creating and integrating curriculum and ideas for changing curriculum as a technology specialist was incredibly invigorating and exciting. The process, though difficult was extremely rewarding. I really appreciated and enjoyed that the project itself was also broken up into compartments with different deadlines for us to meet. It helped as far as project and time management goes. I work in a district that allows for failing forward, so, fortunately, I have not faced many if any challenges. Teachers were excited to get on board and try new things as well as learn with one another. I’m extremely excited about my proposal and project still and think that it has the potential to truly help change the face of many math classrooms and allow for true differentiation in the classroom. The most positive aspect of my journey has been hearing the reaction of my students and my colleagues. There haven’t been any negative aspects in my journey, yet but I’m sure they will arise as we continue. I think I would really enjoy a tech specialist and instructional designer position in my district and hope I’m able to find a role in which I can incorporate creativity and technology into multiple classrooms every day.


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